You will only pay my fees if your project is completed through me.

1 – Transaction fees

Fees for the sale of any building, house, apartment, land, business, office, or shares of companies:

  • 6% including VAT (20% included) of the net selling price.

The prices expressed in the sales mandates include agency fees including VAT (20% included) with fees payable by the seller, unless otherwise agreed.

It is important to note that since a decree of 10 January 2017, in the case of a mandate with fees payable by the purchaser, any advertisement must indicate not only the selling price including fees in bold, but also the net selling price as well as the amount including VAT of the fees expressed as a percentage.

The agency has subscribed to a financial guarantee of €110,000 but does not use funds for real estate transactions.

Fees are collected on the day the final deed of sale is signed.

2 – Seasonal rental fees

  • 20% including VAT (20% included) of the net rental price including VAT.

The fees are paid by the owner and are included in the presentation price.

They are collected at the same time as the payment of the balance of the rental, before the arrival of the tenant.