My estate agent’s role & obligations

My mission as a real estate agent is to provide an intermediation function to match the desires of buyers and sellers.
It is essentially, at first:
– Towards the seller, advise him on fixing the fair sale price (ESTIMATE / SELL) and look for potential buyers
– And towards the purchaser, to present property matching his project.
Then I lead the negotiation for the sale to succeed.

The profession of real estate agent is regulated by the Law of January 2, 1970 known as “Loi Hoguet”.
In order to practice as a real estate agent, one must demonstrate a professional aptitude to obtain the Transactions card that is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Prior to any commercial action, a real estate agent must hold a mandate.
The mandate of sale is not only mandatory because it conditions the right to remuneration of the real estate agent by specifying the conditions but also if we consider a marketing action on the property.

The real estate agent owes a duty of advice; he must also ensure the regularity of the transaction and transmit all necessary technical elements to the parties. So,
– from a vendor, I gather the information relating to the property (surface of the existing villa, possible easements, legal potential for extension with regard to the Local Urban Plan, mandatory real estate diagnostics such as those concerning asbestos, termites, etc …) and his right of ownership (title deed).
– with a buyer, I verify his identity and I make sure of his ability to invest (as part of the TRACFIN device, a declaration of suspicion must be made if an operation appears questionable or unlawful).

My role as a negotiator, my advice, my knowledge of the local market and the many audits I have to perform are a security for both the seller and the buyer.

To make you benefit from my expertise, will assure you of a “win-win” transaction.