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  1. Morten Sig. Bergesen

    on   said 

    20 years ago Sophie Callu Merite helped us to find our dream house in St-Tropez. Not an easy task, as we knew what we wanted but were not sure if it existed. After having seen a handful of properties with Sophie, the perfect house was presented and the contract concluded. A rather complicated transaction was handled by Sophie in a professional and elegant manner. Our family is still in the same house, enjoying every day we can spend in St-Tropez. Sophie has during this 20 years been my best advisor and friend. When ever I neede some guidance or assistants in local rules, understanding the local government or who to turn to to get things done, she has always been availabel. To me Sophie has been more than a real estate agent, that often gets the transaction completed and then move on to the next client. The family is very greatful to here and all she has done for us, so we can continue to enjoy charming St-Tropez.

    • Sophie Callu Mérite

      on   said 

      Dear Morten, it’s my pleasure to know that you found your Haven in Heaven! I will still be there for you and I thank you for your testimonial. Warmest Regards

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