The main districts of the peninsula

The neighborhoods of Saint-Tropez– In Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez covers 1,117 Ha and has 4,600 inhabitants throughout the year.
In the middle of summer, 80,000 visitors a day are wandering around.

. The village, and especially the Port and La Ponche, is the quintessence of these famous places.

. Ste Anne / Les Carles are sought-after for the proximity of the village.

. Canoubiers / La Moutte / Les Salins are popular for their access to the beach.

. The domain des Parcs in Saint-Tropez attracts a clientele looking for a chic and secured estate.

. Bellevue also known as the Tahiti Route, seduces those who dream of a dominant position and a sea view.

. Valfère attracts with its authenticity.

. The Capon concentrates the properties benefiting from vast grounds.

The neighborhoods of Ramatuelle– In Ramatuelle

Ramatuelle covers 3,557 Ha and includes the famous Pampelonne beach, 5 km long.
There are 2,100 inhabitants reported.

. The medieval village, nestled on the buttress of the hill of Paillas, dominates a vast panorama.

. Val de Rian is appreciated for its proximity to the village of Saint-Tropez.

. La Capilla houses an intimate secure estate with direct access to the beach.

. Pampelonne is sought-after for its proximity to the prestigious private beaches Club 55 or Nikki Beach.

. L’Oumède / Pascati feature the vast pine forests.

. Val de Pons / Val des Tournels / Roumégou attract lovers of the countryside.

. The Escalet / La Tourraque / La Quessine / Camarat are popular for their coves.

The neighborhoods of Gassin– In Gassin

Gassin spreads over 2,474 ha and there are 2,600 inhabitants throughout the year.

. The picturesque village, perched on a rock, dominates the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

. Bertaud / Sinopolis are urbanized areas, enjoying panoramic views.

. The Bouillabaisse enjoys the proximity of the village of Saint-Tropez and walking access to the sea.

. Minuty / La Rouillère are sought-after for their vineyard environment.

. The Moulins de Paillas retain lovers of forests and views of the islands.