Local Urban Plan

The peninsula of Saint-Tropez, which includes the municipalities of Saint-Tropez, Ramatuelle and Gassin, enjoys a preserved urbanism.

Guarantor of the quality of the landscapes, the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) fixes at the level of each municipality the general rules planning and land use easements. It delineates the urban or urban areas to be urbanised and the natural or agricultural areas to be protected.

The PLU enacts building implementation rules and takes into account regulatory changes.

Thus the ALUR law having removed the percentage of net habitable space (COS) and the minimum plot area, new criteria have been introduced to control urbanization and the density of buildings on sectors with landscape or ecological issues.

This is, on the one hand, the case of the “All Construction Free Coefficient” and on the other hand, parameters relating to constructible area of the villa and footprint, which condition the authorized Floor Area of the villa.

Local Urban Plan of Saint-Tropez, France